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Discover Live Baccarat Online

Laura Thornhill | January 11, 2023 | Updated on: January 11th, 2023

Real Money Live Dealer Baccarat Casinos Online Baccarat is a game played online with real-life dealers in online live dealer baccarat. It operates in the same manner as a typical baccarat game. Live dealer Baccarat shows a real person dealing cards in a casino studio and taking bets from players.

Live dealer baccarat is now more readily available at Australian real money online casinos. You can take full advantage of the Live Baccarat online experience from the comfort of your own home.

Top Live Dealer Baccarat Casinos

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What Is Live Dealer Baccarat?

Unlike playing Baccarat with virtual cards and digitally controlled dealers, live Baccarat actually has the feel of a real dealer, a casino, and the actual table. Having the game live-streamed to you from the casino, you are able to interact with a virtual dealer. Live dealer Baccarat works similarly to the standard online version, with the exception of the streaming component, allowing players to select betting options through its interface. However, because of this live aspect, this is a vastly different experience from traditional online Baccarat.

Live Baccarat Casinos Online

Rules For Live Baccarat

Before we get started, it’s essential to understand the basics of playing Baccarat. Like online Baccarat, the goal is to have a “natural hand” with a hand value equal to or as close to eight or nine.

  • Baccarat games use up to 18 decks of 52 cards.
  • Cards from two to nine are worth face value, and Aces are worth one. Ten value cards have zero value, including tens, Jacks, Kings, and Queens.
  • The numerical value of your cards matters in Baccarat, not the suit of your cards (hearts, spades, clubs, or diamonds).
  • There are no individual cards for players at the table. The banker section of the table gets two cards, and so does the player section.
  • There are three main bets in Baccarat. These being the Banker, Player, and tie.
  • A tie is won when the Banker and players’ hands are the same.

How to Play Live Dealer Baccarat

  • Select your betting option and place your bets to begin.
  • Determine the base/max bet per table as much as possible.
  • Each live dealer table has a minimum and maximum bet limit.
  • The dealer will immediately notify you if you exceed the allowed bet limits. Bets, for instance, will be rejected if they are lower than the minimum or higher than the maximum. The dealer hands out Player and the Banker cards. Once you make your bet will then be dealt cards by the dealer.

Live Baccarat Hand Values

Calculating hand values is super easy. Any number greater than nine does not have a tens digit when the card values are added up. A typical example would be, seven plus King plus five equals two. This is known as a Baccarat feature. No additional cards can be added to either hand if the Player is managing a two-card hand worth eight or nine. A third card will be used if the Banker or Player has less than seven cards in their hand. This will determine which of these hands gets the cards.

Playing Live Baccarat Online

Simply get the best of both worlds by combining the convenience of the internet with the authenticity of a real dealer. You can interact with the dealer through the online interface and hear the dealer talking to you and taking your and other players` bets.

For the most part, Baccarat has the same user interface as old-fashioned online Baccarat. Placing wagers, talking with other participants, and purchasing additional chips won’t be as tricky as elsewhere on the website.

Since the dealer is real, they will tell you when the wagering for a particular hand is finished, and the hand’s outcome will be after the cards have been dealt. Before signing up to play Baccarat there, you can watch a few pointers or test videos at most casinos.

As with any game from a reputable online casino, the live Baccarat you get from one website may be completely different from the one you pick up from another. When choosing where to play, it’s always a good idea to research and discover one of the top games. After all, signing up for an account and depositing money only to find that the online casino you’re now part of has very little to offer is the worst possible situation you could find yourself in.

Why Play Live Baccarat?


  • Baccarat is a simple game to master. It is a betting game that can be learned by simply playing it for two or three minutes. Your cards each have a value. Therefore, the game’s objective is to get as close to the value of 9 as possible quickly. It might sound basic, but it is gratifying to play.
  • The Baccarat casino edge is shallow. It implies that, unlike other games, spending money can get you a long way. This means that you can play longer and have more chances to win. Because of the low casino edge, you will ultimately lose less money per hand.
  • There are many bonuses available to you when playing Baccarat online. You can win cash just for playing on their website at many casinos. This is his one-time deposit bonus and could be the easiest way to get rich. Always make use of your bonuses, don’t forget.


  • Baccarat doesn’t have many downsides, but one is that it doesn’t have a casino feel. The idea behind this game was to be played and enjoyed with other people.
  • Despite being glued to your screens because the game is just that entertaining, it’s best to play within your limits and know what they are. There is no reason for you to lose a lot of money.

Live Baccarat On Mobile

Players can play the Live Baccarat game on any personal computer, iMac, Android, and iOS devices like iPads and iPhones. The live casino software is optimized for your screen, no matter what gadget. The visuals are automatically set up for you, so you don’t have to mess around with settings. Our games are made to make the most of your screen space instantly. Navigate to the live dealer casino and play live Baccarat once your device has been powered on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Live Baccarat Game?

The rules for live Baccarat are the same as for traditional Baccarat: Choose one of three bets, Player, Banker or Tie. The best hand is a natural that is an 8 or 9. Most baccarat games use eight decks of 52 cards are used in the game; before each deal, players can place bets on which hand will win.

Can I Play Online Baccarat For Free?

You can always play regular baccarat games online for free to get a feel for the game’s pace and structure and try out some strategies before playing live dealer games for real money.

Where Can I Play Live Baccarat?

On this page, you can find the best live dealer baccarat casinos. Finding live dealer casino sites  is no easy task, so don’t ignore our recommendations. The best security features, premium software, high payouts, quick payment options, and more can only be found at the top rated casino sites we recommend. The live dealer games will also be accessible from players` smartphones and tablets.

What Is The Difference Between Live Baccarat And Other Live Dealer Games?

There are a lot of live blackjack and roulette games, but Baccarat is still relatively new. It is becoming increasingly popular, and more casinos will likely soon offer the variant. Minimum bets also vary, with baccarat tables generally having higher bet limits than live blackjack tables. While looking chances, they are unique to blackjack and roulette. Live blackjack will give you the best odds if you have time to learn the game. Choose live dealer baccarat if you want a refined gambling experience and a large bankroll.

Can You Make A Living Playing Baccarat?

Baccarat can be a lucrative way to make a living. This is one of the easiest card games anyone can play at casinos without having to strategize much. Baccarat is a game that can be played with a small bet and profit substantial rewards.

What Is The Secret To Baccarat?

Flat betting is the most secure method of betting on Baccarat. Should you lose, you still have more control over your bankroll with flat betting. For a Baccarat session to be successful, you generally need only to win a few units. You never wager more than one unit on a game when you flat bet.

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