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Best Craps Strategy – How to Win at Craps

Laura Thornhill | August 22, 2022 | Updated on: March 4th, 2024

If you ask many craps players what the best strategy for craps is, you will get different answers. When looking for the best craps strategy, try a few strategies that have been tried and tested by experienced casino players. We have compiled a few of those strategies for our readers. You can use these strategies to optimise whatever betting system you choose.

Most Craps strategies are mathematical principles. Don’t let that scare you, though, because they are all pretty easy to implement. We will explain the principle behind the strategy and how to apply it to the game of craps.

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Fibonacci Strategy – Best Mathematical Craps Strategy

The Fibonacci strategy is the best mathematical craps strategy. It’s simple, with logical steps to follow. When you follow the Fibonacci strategy, you base your series of bets on the Fibonacci sequence. The Fibonacci sequence is a mathematical term meaning a series of numbers where the last number is equal to the two numbers before it – 1; 1; 2; 3; 5; 8; 13; 21.

Even though the Fibonacci strategy is mathematical, it is simple and easy. You don’t have to memorise the series. Just ensure that your bet equals the last two bets you made.

This is how you use the best mathematical craps strategy

1st Bet = $5

2nd bet = $5

3rd Bet = $10 [$5 + $5]

4th Bet = $15 [$10 + $5]

5th bet = $25

The Fibonacci series is infinite; however, your bankroll for playing real money craps is not, so you must start with a small bet and build up on it. You do not have to keep increasing indefinitely; reset at what you feel is the biggest bet you can make and start from the base bet again. In fact, this would be the perfect low budget craps strategy too. You can make five bets with $50 and gain a profit from that.

$200 6/8 Craps Strategy

The best craps strategy for players on a budget requires players to place a combination of bets. If you only have $60 to $200 to spare, then this is the strategy for you.

When your bankroll is limited, you can combine the don’t pass and place bets for the most profitable payout on a low budget.

Start with a $5 bet on the don’t pass bet.

Once the point is set, make a $3 wager on six and another $3 on 8

This bet combination cushions you against a loss because a loss for one is a win for the other. If seven rolls, the don’t pass bet will pay out even money adding $5 to your bankroll. However, the 6/8 bets will lose a total of $6. Since you would have won $5, your loss is actually only $1.

If the dice rolls result in 6’s and 8’s, you win at least $6 and lose the don’t pass, making your total profit $1.

Bear in mind that if the point established is 6 or 8, then it limits your options because only one of the numbers will win. Still, the total loss is less than your total bets, which is still a win.

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Best Craps Strategy for Beginners

The best craps strategy for beginners involves simple, easy-to-follow strategies like the Fibonacci strategy and simple safe bets. The safest bets you can make in craps are the Pass/Don’t Pass and Come/Don’t Come bets.  They are also the best with the lowest house advantage. If you exclusively stick to those bets, you will narrow the casino edge to around 1.40%. However, the game would be boring if you were restricted to just those two bets to make a profit. There is a wide range of bets you can make in craps which will still give you profit if you use the right strategy.

Most Profitable Craps Strategy for Beginners

If you are just starting out in craps, you likely want the easiest and profitable craps strategies to help you win at craps.

We have a few of the most profitable craps strategies for beginners that also work with low budgets. The Fibonacci strategy is a profitable strategy for beginners. Players can adjust their bets to make sure they match their budget.

$25 Craps Strategy

Use the Fibonacci betting system starting with a minimum bet for 3 betting rounds. If you start with a $5 bet, you can follow that with another $5 bet and a $10 bet and keep the $5 as insurance. Assuming that you win one or all of your three bets, you can increase the amount you bet or the number of betting rounds in your series.

Low budget Betting Strategy for Beginners

Choose bets with good odds and high probabilities and combine them with place bets. This betting strategy is like a 3-point molly strategy.

Place a minimum wager on the pass line and field bet.

Follow up with a wager on 6 and 8.

Conclusion: You cannot crap out because there is no loss or win if a 7 rolls. However, if the place bet you chose becomes the point you lose out on the wagers.

Advanced Craps Strategy

Advanced craps strategy takes into account bets with good odds and navigates high-risk bets by combining safe bets with high-risk bets. You need a good understanding of how craps odds work before you can masterfully employ advanced craps strategies. Once you master craps bets, and house edge, you can start adjusting your strategies and customise them according to each established point.

Iron Cross Craps Strategy

The Iron Cross strategy is nothing complex; it’s so named because when you place your chips on the recommended bets, they form a cross shape. For each shooter round, you will need between $40 to $55. The more rounds you play, the more money it will require; it can be a $200 strategy if you keep it under five rounds of play.

Start with a minimum of $5 on the pass line bet at the come-out roll.

After the point is set, place one wager each on the odds, field, 5, 6 and 8.

  • $8 on odds
  • $4 on field
  • $8 on 5
  • $10 on 6
  • $10 on 8

Once the betting rounds end, repeat your bets. As with all betting strategies, there are advantages and disadvantages.

You will win on all your bets on all results if a seven is not rolled. However, 7 has the highest probability of all craps results because there are six different combinations to roll a 7.

Iron Cross Tip: If the point set is a 5, 6 or 8, then do not place a wager on that number because you will only win that wager if that specific number is rolled, making it a risky bet.

3 Point Molly Strategy

The three-point molly strategy focuses on the pass line or come bets (after the point is established) and then uses full odds to back those primary bets.

At the come-out roll, make a pass line bet and then a come bet until there are three different points set.

First make a pass line bet and then place a bet with full odds on the established point.

Next, make another pass line/ come bet and another bet on the next point with maximum odds; repeat this step.

When you have made a pass line + pace bet with maximum odds, three times repeat the steps again.

If you crap out (when the shooter rolls a 7) all your point bets lose.

Conclusion: The 3-point molly casts your net wide; however, it has the risk of losing all bets when a seven rolls out.

Best Craps Strategies FAQs

What is the best strategy for craps?

The best craps strategy is unique to each player and depends on how much you have in your betting budget. There are several strategies, like the Fibonacci system, 3-point molly and the reverse martingale.

Is there a way to always win at craps?

There is no way to always win at craps, it’s a gambling game with random results.

What is the safest bet in craps?

The safest bets in craps are odds bets, they have no house edge.

Is craps a game of skill or luck?

Craps is a game of luck.

Is 3-point Molly a good strategy?

The 3-point molly is a good strategy because it spreads the net wide, so you have a greater chance of winning but you also risk losing it all when a 7 is rolled.

What numbers hit the most in craps?

Seven hits the most because it has the most possible combinations, you can roll a 7 with six different combinations.

How do you play craps with $100?

Play at a table with a low minimum bet and choose a low-budget strategy to make the most of your $100 bankroll.

How do you master in craps?

You can master craps by familiarising yourself with craps bets and practising with free online craps at the best Australian casinos.