How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker Online

Caribbean Stud Poker real money

Before giving players a detailed guide on how to play Caribbean Stud Poker, we must first explain the game and how it differs from other classic Poker variations. Caribbean stud poker is the first Poker game with a Progressive Jackpot feature! Similar to traditional five-card stud, Caribbean stud is also played as five-card stud poker.

You will play your hand against the dealer’s hand in Caribbean Stud Poker. When a player beats the Dealer’s hand with a higher value set, you receive a winning payout depending on the payout odds for that specific hand. Furthermore, if a player draws a top Caribbean Stud Poker hand, the Casino will reward them by giving the required jackpot, but only if they placed a side bet. So, let’s jump in and see what this exciting game offers.

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Caribbean Stud Poker Table

How To Play Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is one of the least challenging Poker table games. After signing up with the top casino sites recommended above, collecting the bonus, making a deposit, and being ready with a drink in your hand, the rest is a breeze. Remember that Caribbean Stud is player against house, not player versus player.

  1. The first act, when playing, is to set the opening bet or ante, entitling players to their cards and the game.
  2. Then players are allowed to set the second bet of AU$1 as a side pot for the progressive jackpot.
  3. After the bets are placed, all players and the Dealer receive five face-down cards, except for an intriguing twist where one of the Dealer’s cards will be face-up. Sort of like in Blackjack with the one open card at first.

The open card gives players a fair chance because of the additional data presented. Creating a huge amount of anticipation and forcing players to make a call on their position.

  1. Now it is up to the players to decide whether to fold or double. By folding, they concede their chips, and by doubling, they qualify for the final round.

Players will make this decision based on their cards and the Dealer’s open card. Once making this decision, if they choose to continue because a high-value hand is found, they must place an additional 2x ante wager. For example, if a player chooses a AU$20 ante, doubling the bet equals AU$40.

The Dealer can only qualify if the hand consists of an Ace-King at worst. Meaning there is a good chance of going up against a good dealer hand if a player wishes to continue.

  1. In the final act, The Dealer reveals their remaining four cards. The Caribbean stud players will then expose their hands, and the winning hands are awarded certain payout odds. And, of course, if the Dealer’s hand is stronger than the players, all the chips placed are returned to the Casino. Further down the page will find the exact rankings for each hand and how they payout in Caribbean Stud Poker.

If it turns out that the player and dealer hands are equal, this is known as a ‘Push.’ In this event, players receive back their wagers. However, if the player has placed a side bet for the jackpot and wins, the Casino will still hand over the jackpot to the player. Otherwise, the winner is the one with the higher valued cards, such as a triple King over a triple Nine.

Poker Table Layout for Caribbean Stud

The green table is a standard layout when playing Caribbean Stud Poker. The game is played with a standard deck of 52 playing cards, with places for seven individual players and on the opposite side the Dealer. Each seat has a placement for antes, side bets, and cards.

After pressing the button, the game automatically deals with the cards and asks players if they wish to bet or fold.

Caribbean Stud Poker Rules – The Dealer’s Hand

The Dealer’s hand is one of the most critical and significant components of Caribbean Stud Poker. There are a few things to note about the Dealer’s hand before playing:

  • The Dealer can only progress in the game after the ante’s are in if the hand consists of a minimum Ace-King hand.
  • If the hand fails to continue, antes and wagers are paid at even money and close the round.
  • If players beat the qualifying dealer’s hand at the end of the round, the ante wager is paid at even money plus the payout odds of the specific valued hand.

Caribbean Stud Poker Hand Rankings

In all Poker variations, the hand rankings order, the same as Caribbean Stud Poker, is standard. The player with the higher hand ranking is the winner and receives the prize. Here is a table to illustrate the ranking of hands from strongest to weakest and the individual payout odds.

Name of Hand: Description: Payout Odds:
Royal Flush A-K-Q-J-10, all in the same suit. 100:1
Straight Flush Any five consecutive cards in the same suit. 50:1
Four of a Kind Four cards all of the same value, in all four suits 20:1
Full House Three cards with the same value and a single pair of an alternate value. 7:1
Flush Five random cards, all in the same suit. E.g., 2-5-10-J-A in Hearts 5:1
Straight Any five consecutive cards all in different suits 4:1
Three of a Kind Three cards of the same value in different suits. 3:1
Two Pair Two sets of same-value cards. E.g., 2-2 8-8 in different suits. 2:1
Pair Two cards of the same value in different suits. 1:1 or even money
High Card Five unmatched cards, with the highest card being the most valuable. From Ace to two. 1:1 or even money


Caribbean Stud poker table game

Caribbean Stud Poker Basic Terms

There is always Jargon involved when playing Casino games, so here is a refresher for some of those words:

  • Fold: Folding is handing in your cards because you are not confident they will beat the Dealer’s hand and, therefore, would rather sacrifice the ante bet than potentially lose more money from doubling.
  • Ante: This is the initial bet made for the player to be a part of the game and have cards.
  • Jackpot: The progressive Jackpot is a sum of money built up from players’ side bets and is awarded when a player lands one of the jackpot hands. Players must place a bet at the beginning of the round to win the jackpot if eligible.
  • Push: A tie break between the Dealer and player at the end of a round. The ante and double are given back, but the jackpot is still valid if the player placed the side bet in time.
  • Double: Double is another name for a bet. It is simply an additional wager twice the value of the ante and is placed if a player wishes to continue playing the round.

Progressive Jackpot in Caribbean Stud Poker

The progressive jackpot is an independent side pool. The idea is simple, place a side-bet of usually AU$1 and hope to land the winning hands to receive a much bigger prize. Being separate from the main game, if a player loses or at a ‘push’ with the Dealer’s hand but qualifies for the jackpot, the player can still receive the jackpot amount even if not winning the main Caribbean Stud Poker game.

The jackpot is possibly the main attraction of Caribbean Stud because of its exclusivity to all other poker games. As the name suggests, bets placed towards the jackpot are proportionally added to the Jackpot and Casino, with 70% given to the jackpot and the rest to the Casino.

The jackpot payouts vary with each Casino and even more when playing the live version. Here is a table to describe the odds and exact hands needed to win the jackpot.

Name of Hand Winning amount based on popular software providers Australian online casinos:
Royal Flush 100% (always this amount, no matter the site)
Straight Flush 10% (always this amount, no matter the site)
Four of a Kind AU$500
Full House AU$100
Flush AU$75

Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

While many professionals believe it can be a waste of time playing this poker variant due to a high house edge, Caribbean Stud has the potential to be one money-making extravaganza. There are three main strategy points to ensure playing the sharpest game possible.

  • The number one rule to remember is always to fold a hand that does not beat the standard dealer qualifying hand, an Ace-King. A pair or more is fine to continue betting. Always worth betting a pair.
  • When the Dealer shows an Ace or King in place of the face-up card, it is ideal for raising.
  • Think before placing a side bet for the jackpot. The bet amount is very low and has massive payout potential, but it can also cause players’ demise. Just ensure you have enough money in the bank to keep doing the small side bet because it is worth it.

Caribbean Stud Poker Rules

Gamblers throughout Australia can expect to see these rules in any online or brick-and-mortar casino they enter. It is imperative to note these down as they will be enforced and can cause players to have issues with the Casino and dealers at the time.

  1. The player is only allowed to wager on one hand per game.
  2. There is no tolerance for players communicating during a round about the strategy of their game
  3. If an incorrect number of cards is dealt with, a dead hand will occur, and the round will start again.
  4. The player must solely ensure that their progressive bet is made. The low wager must be in the space with the indicator light switched on.
  5. If the Dealer is given four cards instead of five, they will instantly receive another. Any other mistake that occurs will be deemed a ‘dead hand.’

Live Caribbean Stud Poker vs. Online

Online Caribbean Stud Poker and the live version have very decisive key differences. One huge advantage to regular online Caribbean Stud is the option to bet on a progressive jackpot. In contrast, there are no accumulated jackpot offers in the live version.

Playing a live version of Caribbean Stud Poker can be more entertaining for some as the Dealer and cards are real, and there is no automation of the cards. They are shuffled and dealt with the same way they would in a brick-and-mortar casino.

Another aspect of live poker is the social side, as players can chat with other players and friendly dealers in a chat box. However, some people may find that playing when they choose, in a different and personalized setting, is more enjoyable than a live version of Caribbean Stud Poker.

The game is still the same, with a different feel, slightly altered pace, and minor changes in payouts depending on the casinos. Both are astounding and bring much joy to gamblers. The choice is yours, which suits the player better.

History of Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker has an unorthodox backstory. The game was developed around the 1980s in what was most likely Aruba.

There are three main arguments for where it started either on a cruise ship en route to Aruba or in an undisclosed location somewhere in Aruba, and finally, in the first Casino in Aruba where Caribbean Stud first kicked off at the poker tables.

The most known inventor of Caribbean Stud is a man by the name of David Sklansky. Most people believe he invented the first-ever Caribbean Stud in 1982.

Except his version was called ‘Casino Poker’ and had very slight differences but the same essentials. For example, the rules are the same with the Dealer’s A-K hand, but two of the Dealer’s cards are exposed as opposed to one, and there is no progressive jackpot.

Other than that, Casino Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker are identical. This evidence makes many people believe he is the founder because he was a world-renowned poker shark at the time, making it even more plausible.

The result of the backstory is similar to the following scenario. Keep in mind nothing is confirmed.

  1. First, Mr. Sklansky invented the game ‘Casino Poker’ and the foundation for which Caribbean Stud Poker was built.
  2. He never patented the game due to law restrictions
  3. Then he decided to trademark the game and market it in Vegas but shortly after, his girlfriend passed away, which caused him to stop promoting the game.
  4. A broke, alcoholic poker player spoke with Sklansky about Casino Poker.
  5. The anonymous player then adapted the game and flew it out to Aruba. Potentially the start of Caribbean Stud Poker.
  6. Together with Dennis King (Owner of King International Resort or Excelsior today), they worked on getting a patent and spreading the word of a new and exciting Poker.
  7. The game burst with popularity and found a much larger audience in the USA.
  8. The game was sold for 30 Million USD and is now played worldwide, especially in Australia.

However, this is just speculation. It seems to be the most viable option. Today Australian gamblers are in love with this game as many other Poker games as well. And it’s not surprising, with a progressive jackpot and exposing dealer cards, what’s not to love?

FAQs about Caribbean Stud Poker Online

What is the House Edge in Caribbean Stud Poker?

The house edge can have two different amounts depending on how the game plays out when it is given that a player will most likely double their ante bet, which is to say that they will play and not fold as the game intended. When the player plays as normal, it will result in the house edge being 2.6%, which is much better than some.

However, when it is considered that the player will not double and rather focus on their ante bet, the house’s edge will increase almost 100% of the original edge, to 5%. While it is not the largest margin, it is still significant compared to other casino games players find online.

Is Caribbean Stud Poker Legal in Australia?

The short answer is Yes! All online gambling casinos that are secure and regulated are completely legal to use. Both free and real money casinos are legal and are widely used across Australia, from the North to the West and everywhere else. Australia is a perfect place for a gambler’s paradise.

How to win at Caribbean Stud Poker?

A simple strategy to win money in Caribbean Stud Poker is always raising or doubling your ante when you are dealt a pair or more. These cards will give you the best opportunity to beat the Dealer’s hand from the start.

Another tip to win big with Caribbean Stud is always to fold your hand if your cards do not exceed the minimum dealer requirement of Ace-King. By doing this, you will not need to spend more money doubling and most likely losing it.

Can I play for real money and for free at Caribbean Stud Poker online casinos?

At all online casinos, especially those recommended at the top of the page, players can play for real money with a wide variety of banking methods that suit all players, whether it’s Visa, Mastercard, Cryptocurrency, or so many more.

With most online casinos, players also have the choice to play a free demo mode. The Demo option allows players to get a feel for the poker game and still have a blast, and it is a great self-teaching method to start playing for real money when the time is right.

Why is it called Stud Poker?

The reference’ stud’ is a collection of similar characterized poker variants. Stud poker games use face-up and face-down cards dealt to each player, whereas other types like Hold ’em and Draw use hole cards that are secret to each player.

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