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Texas Holdem Poker – Rules and Winning Hands

Laura Thornhill | May 19, 2022 | Updated on: February 26th, 2024

Texas Holdem is the most popular online poker game. Most poker games are based on Texas holdem. It’s a draw poker game where players must make the best five card poker hand using their two hole cards and the community cards. Playing Texas holdem poker online is the best way for beginners to learn. We have made an easy step by step guide showing you how to play, along with tips and rules easily explained.

Play Texas Holdem Poker Online

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Brief introduction to Texas Holdem Poker

The game starts with each player getting two private cards known as hole cards. There are three shared community cards called the flop added to the poker table followed by the first round of betting. A fourth (the turn) and fifth (the river) card are added top the flop each followed by a betting round.

The game ends in a final showdown round after the River where players make the best five card hand using their two private cards and the face up community cards. The best hands.

Note that throughout the game as betting takes place players can fold , that is , quit the game and forfeit any money they have in the game. There are various plays and bets that players can make during a poker game namely – check, call, raise, fold.

Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Holdem Rules

Texas Holdem poker has some specific detailed rules about the order of betting, bets and the cards you get in different rounds.

Betting Order – Small and Big Blind

The order of betting is based on the player’s position in relation to the dealer. The player to the left of the dealer bets first.

There are two starting bets the small and the big blind. These are compulsory bets and they are called blinds because the players are betting blind before they see their cards. The player immediately to the left of the dealer is the small blind and the following player is the big blind. The small blind is half the minimum bet and the big blind is the minimum bet of the round.

Poker Bets

After the big blind players can match the big blind or raise the bet. Once a bet is raised the next bet can only be equal to the most recent bet or more.

There are four bets or plays that each player can make – check, call, raise and fold.

  • Fold – when a player quits the game and forfeits any bets that they have placed.
  • Check – the player does not make a bet but remains in the game, the player to the left is tasked with taking an action. You can opnly check when no bets have yet to be made in the current round.
  • Call – is a bet equal to the most recent previous bet.
  • Raise – to raise is to make a wager that increases the previous bet.


Texas Holdem Poker Cards

To make a hand in Texas holdem each player gets hole cards and they can make a five card hand together with the community cards. The community cards are the face up shared cards that are placed in the middle of the table. The game starts with three community cards known as the “Flop”. A fourth card , the “Turn” follows after a betting round. After the turn there is another betting round trhen the fifth community card the “River”.

  • Hole cards – private , face down cards given individually to each player.
  • Flop – the first three community cards at the beginning of a Texas holdem poker hands.
  • Turn – the fourth community card
  • River – the fifth community card


The Showdown – Texas Holdem Hand Rankings

The showdown is the final round of a Texas holdem poker game. This is where players assemble their best five card hand using all or some of the community cards with all or none of their hole cards. The players left in the game compare hands in a showdown and the best hand wins. If only one player is left because other players folded, the remaining player wins the pot regardless of their hand.

  1. Royal Flush — a hand made up of the folloing cards A; K; Q; J; 10 , in the identical suit.
  2. Straight Flush — a hand with cards in consecutive order and identical suit e.g. 10; 9; 8; 7; 6
  3. Four of a Kind — a hand made with four cards of the same rank and one other card e.g.– J; J; J; J; A
  4. Full House — A hand made up of three cards of the same rank plus another two cards of the same rank – J; J; J; 7; 7
  5. Flush — a five card hand of cards in an identical suit.
  6. Straight — a five card hand in a consecutive order in any suits.
  7. Three of a Kind — three cards of the same rank and two other random cards e.g. 5; 5; 5; K; 3
  8. Two Pair — a hand made up of two pairs and one other random card – e.g. 10; 10; Q; Q; 4
  9. One Pair — a hand made up of a pair of identical cards and any three cards e.g. 7; 7; A; 2; 5
  10. High Card —  the lowest value hand in Texas holdem poker comprising any five cards that is referred according to the highest value card in the hand if the highest card is an Ace it’s and Ace high if it’s an 8 then it’s an 8 high.


Texas Holdem Poker FAQs

How do you play poker in Texas Holdem?

You play Texas Holdem with a 52-card deck. Each player gets 2 private cards and then there are 3 to 5 shared community cards. Players must make the bet and get to a final round where the best hand or last player standing wins.

How do you beat Texas Holdem?

When you play with multiple players, you win by having the best hand or having enough money to bet until the final round and be the last player left.

What wins in Texas HoldEm?

The best hand in Texas Holdem is Royal straight flush or the last hand left if there are no other players in the showdown.

Is Texas Hold’em still popular?

Yes Texas Hold’em is still popular and you can play it online at the best Australian casinos that we review and recommend.

What is the difference between Texas Hold’em and Omaha?

In Texas Hold’em players get two hole cards and they can make their final had with all or none of the hole cards, whereas in Omaha poker, players get four hole cards and their final hand has to include exactly two of their hole cards.

What are the first 3 cards in poker called?

The first three community cards in poker are called the Flop.

How many decks are used in Texas Holdem?

A single 52 card deck is used in Texas Holdem.

Do you burn a card in Texas Holdem?

Yes you burn a card in Texas Holdem at land based casinos not at online casinos.


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