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Best Roulette Strategies

Laura Thornhill | July 21, 2022 | Updated on: March 7th, 2024

Discover some of the best roulette strategies to win consistently. Find roulette strategies that actually work. We explain popular roulette strategies like the Paroli, Martingale, Fibonacci, D’Alembert and James Bond. Even though roulette is a game of chance, with the right betting strategy and some luck, you can beat roulette. Learn how to play, bet, and win online roulette with some of the most successful strategies.

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Most Successful Roulette Strategy

Roulette is the number 1 casino game that has brought mathematicians and gamblers together. Many roulette strategies like the Fibonacci strategy are rooted in mathematics. It’s not surprising considering that Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician, invented the roulette wheel. Several different roulette strategies will appeal to different players. Some strategies are more aggressive and riskier, while others are more cautious.

We have the most popular strategies for roulette, and you can choose the best one for you!

Best roulette strategies

Martingale Strategy

With the Martingale betting strategy, you double your next bet after a loss. It sounds counterintuitive, but it is designed to cover all previous losses when you win.

If you bet $1 on red and lose, your next bet should be $2 according to the Martingale strategy, and if you win, you cover your previous loss and at least break even.

Let’s illustrate:

Let’s say the bets you are making are even money bets

1st bet$2Loss-$2
2nd  bet$4Loss-$4
3rd bet$8Loss-$8
4th bet$16Win+$16


The total won is $16, but the profit, in reality, is only $2.

Profit is the amount you win – the previous bets. $16 -$8 – $4 – $2= $2

The profit margins with this strategy are low, but they can be consistent, especially if you go for bets with low house edge and higher probability like even money bets.

This strategy suits cautious players who would rather play carefully and minimise potential losses.

The Martingale strategy requires a good budget, especially considering that you keep increasing the bets. So choose a small starting bet or tables with low minimum bets.

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Fibonacci Strategy

On the whole, Fibonacci is the mathematician term. It means a number series with the total of the last two numbers equal to the next number. The Fibonacci series of numbers is as follows: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 until infinity. Pick any number, and the two last numbers are equal to it. The second 1 is equal to 1+0.

So how does this apply to roulette? The series of bets is incremental. You start with a single unit and increase it in the Fibonacci pattern. Each bet should be the total of the two bets before it.

Let’s illustrate

1st Bet = $x

2nd bet = $x

3rd Bet = 1st + 2nd Bet

4th Bet = 3rd + 2nd Bet

The Fibonacci betting system can go on indefinitely if you have the bankroll for it. However, we still suggest you reset it at the fifth wager. Also, keep your base or first bet small so that increasing your wagers in the series does not deplete your bankroll. Choosing the right bets in conjunction with this strategy is critical.

D’Alembert Strategy

The D’Alembert Strategy is one of the most common strategies for roulette. This roulette strategy works bets on even money bets. It’s one of the more cautious strategies designed to keep losses to a minimum. The D’Alembert strategy decreases bets by a single unit when you win.

So how does the D’Alembert Strategy work in practice?

1st bet$3Win+$3
2nd bet$2Lose-$2
3rd bet$3Lose-$3
4th bet$4Win+$4


In this scenario, the total profit is $2. Even if the next bet ( $3 because you have to decrease your bet by a unit when you win) were a loss, the total loss would only be -$1.

Best Roulette Strategy FAQs

Do roulette strategies actually work?

Yes, roulette strategies do work; they give a structure to follow and monitor wins and losses so that you always make the most profitable betting move.

What is the safest bet in roulette?

The safest bets in roulette are even money bets like colour bets and betting on groups of numbers or even/ odd bets.

Is there a pattern in roulette?

As much as roulette is a gambling game, experienced players often swear that roulette has a pattern, especially over (very) long periods. You will notice these patterns when you keep track of roulette numbers that win.