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Can Casinos Change the Odds on Video Poker?

In casino games, video poker has garnered a dedicated following due to its blend of skill and luck. As Australian players, you might have questioned whether casinos have the power to manipulate the odds in video poker. This article delves into this intriguing query to comprehensively understand the mechanics behind video poker odds and whether casinos can alter them.

odds on video poker

Understanding Video Poker Odds

Before delving into whether casinos can change the odds, let’s grasp the fundamentals of video poker odds. Video poker is built upon traditional poker rules but with the convenience of a digital interface. The odds in video poker are determined by the deck of cards used in the game and the specific variant being played. These odds are established based on the standard poker hand rankings, with higher-ranking hands having lower odds due to their rarity.

Random Number Generators (RNGs) and Fair Play

Like their counterparts worldwide, Australian casinos rely on Random Number Generators (RNGs) to ensure fairness and unpredictability in their games, including video poker. These sophisticated algorithms generate random sequences of numbers that correspond to cards in the deck. This technology guarantees that every outcome is independent and unbiased, mimicking the randomness of a physical deck of cards.

Immutable Odds in Video Poker

Whether online or offline, video poker machines are programmed with fixed odds for each possible hand combination. These odds are determined by the mathematical probabilities inherent to the game. Since these odds are hardwired into the game’s programming, casinos cannot alter them on a whim. The possibilities are a fundamental aspect of video poker, and any attempt to manipulate them would violate the principles of fair play and integrity upheld by reputable casinos.

Regulatory Oversight

In Australia, the gambling industry is tightly regulated to ensure player protection and fair gameplay. Government agencies and regulatory bodies oversee casinos and their operations. This regulatory framework further solidifies that casinos cannot arbitrarily change the odds in video poker or any other casino game. Any attempt to tamper with the odds would likely have severe legal consequences.

The Bottom Line

Can casinos change the odds on video poker? The resounding answer is no. Video poker odds are determined by established probabilities and governed by RNG technology, ensuring fairness and transparency in gameplay. Australian casinos are subject to rigorous regulations that prevent them from manipulating these odds. So, as a player, you can confidently enjoy video poker, knowing that the odds remain consistent and beyond the influence of the casino.


As you navigate the captivating world of video poker in Australian casinos, remember that mathematics and technology set the odds in stone. The integration of RNGs and the watchful eye of regulatory bodies safeguard the integrity of video poker gameplay. So, when you sit at the virtual video poker table, you can rest assured that the odds are unalterable, providing a level playing field for all players to enjoy.

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