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How to Play Roulette | March 15, 2022 | Updated on: July 21st, 2022

RouletteLearning how to play roulette is simple. Whether you play online roulette or casino roulette, the game is played the same. There is a wheel with numbers 0 to 36 randomly placed in no sequence in alternate red and black pockets. A small white ball is placed on the wheel before it starts spinning.

Your goal as the player is to guess on what numbered pocket the ball will land when the wheel stops spinning. Learning how to play roulette is mostly about knowing your betting options and the different types of roulette games.

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Roulette Basics – How to Play Roulette for Beginners

Online roulette and land-based roulette are identical. The basics you need to know when learning how to play roulette are the roulette wheel and table layout.

The roulette wheel has alternating red and black pockets. In each pocket is any single number between 0 to 36. The number zero is in a green pocket. On the table is a small white ball that tumbles around the wheel as it spins.

Along with the wheel is the roulette table. All the numbers on the wheel are laid out on the table along with other betting options. Each number in the colour that it appears in on the wheel. Players must place their chips on the spot on the table that marks the bet that they want.

How to play roulette

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How To Play Roulette Numbers

You can bet on any number, a group of numbers or colour on the roulette wheel. There are dozens of bet options and they can be placed into two distinct groups – inside and outside bets.

Inside bets are all bets on the section of the table with individual numbers. The outside bets refer to the rest of the bets of the grouped numbers, colour bets and even/odd bets.

Inside Bets

Inside bets have higher payouts than outside bets. They also have a higher risk.


Any bet made on a single number


A bet made on two numbers that are next to each other on the roulette table. The chip is placed on the shared border of the two numbers.


A street bet is a bet on three vertically adjacent numbers on the table.


The corner bet is also known as the square bet and is a wager on 4 numbers that form a square on the roulette table.


The double street is a bet on 6 numbers that form two vertical lines or columns of 3 numbers each on the table.


A trio bet in roulette is a bet on zero and two numbers that lay next to the zero on the table.

Outside Bets

Outside bets have lower payouts and better odds compared to inside bets.


A low bet is a bet on numbers 1 to 18 and a high bet is a bet on the group of numbers 19 to 36. Any number that appears from the bet range you have chosen will win.


Bet on red or black and win when a number bearing the colour that you chose appears.


An even or odd is a bet that predicts whether the winning number will be an even or odd number. All numbers except zero are valid for this bet.


A dozen bet is a wager on a range of 12 consecutive numbers There are no zeros included in the dozens bet. There is the first (1- 12), second (13 – 24) and third (25-36) dozen to choose from.


A columns bet is a wager on one of the columns of numbers on the table each column has a total of 12 numbers. There are no zeros included in column bets. Should any number in the column that you chose, hit then you will win the bet.

How To Play Roulette and Win

How to play roulette online is very easy. The game starts with any bet that a player chooses. Once all bets are placed the wheel may begin to spin.

  1. Place a bet first.
  2. Click to get the wheel spinning.
  3. Once the wheel stops spinning and the ball rests on one of the numbered pockets on the wheel.
  4. All winning bets ate credited to your account instantly.
  5. Choose bets that have good odds to win consistently.


How to Play Roulette FAQs

How do you play the game roulette?

Place a bet on where the ball will land after the wheel stops spinning.

How do you play roulette for beginners?

One thing beginners need to remember is that bets are placed first when you play roulette. You can bet on the colour in which the ball lands, the number, type of number (even or odd) and/or a group of numbers

What is the trick to winning roulette?

Choosing bets with good probabilities / odd is the trick to winning roulette.

What is the payout for roulette?

Inside bets payout more than outside bets. The highest paying bet in roulette is the straight-up bet which is a bet on a single number, it pays out 35:1.

What is the safest bet in roulette?

The safest bet in roulette is always an outside bet. Colour, even/odd, low/high bets are the safest bets followed by column, dozen and line bets.

Can you just bet red or black in roulette?

Yes, you can just bet red or black through an entire game of roulette if you wish.

Is roulette all luck?

Roulette is a game of pure luck.

How do you not lose in roulette?

The only way to not lose in roulette is to cheat which is all but impossible to do when you play online roulette.

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