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How NSW’s Plan Affects the Pokies Industry by 2028

If you are a fan of playing the pokies, you might have heard the news that NSW is planning to introduce a cashless system for all gaming machines by 2028. You can no longer use coins or notes to play your favourite games. Instead, you must use a digital wallet or a card linked to your identity and bank account.

But what does this mean for you as a player and for the gambling industry as a whole? In this blog post, we will explore the pros and cons of the cashless pokies system and how it might affect your gaming experience.

cashless systemThe Advantages of a Cashless Pokies

According to the NSW government, the main reason for implementing the cashless system is to reduce problem gambling and money laundering. By requiring players to use a digital wallet or a card, the government can track and monitor their spending habits and intervene if they show signs of addiction or harm. The system will also allow players to set limits on how much they can spend and to self-exclude from certain venues or games.

Another benefit of the cashless pokies is that it will make gaming more convenient and secure. Players will no longer have to carry large amounts of cash or worry about losing their coins or tickets. They will also be able to access their winnings faster and easier without waiting for a cashier or a machine to dispense their money. Additionally, the cashless system will reduce the risk of theft, fraud, and counterfeit money in gaming venues.

The Drawbacks of A Cashless System for Pokies

However, only some are happy with the idea of going cashless. Some players and industry stakeholders have raised concerns about the potential negative impacts of the system on their privacy and freedom. They argue that the cashless system will give the government too much power and control over their personal and financial information and will infringe on their right to gamble anonymously and without interference.

Another drawback of the cashless system is that it might deter some players from gaming altogether or drive them to illegal or unregulated platforms. Some players might need access to a digital wallet or a card or not trust the system’s technology or security. They might also prefer the tactile and nostalgic feel of using cash or the thrill and excitement of winning physical money. Moreover, some players might be tempted to gamble more online or offshore, where they can avoid the restrictions and regulations of the cashless system.

The Future of A Cashless System for Pokies

The NSW government has announced that it will gradually phase in the cashless system over the next seven years, starting with a trial in selected venues in 2022. The government has also promised to consult with the industry and the community on the design and implementation of the system and to address any issues or concerns that might arise.

The cashless pokies system is expected to bring significant changes to the gaming landscape in NSW and potentially across Australia. We are yet to determine whether these changes will be positive or negative, but one thing is certain: playing the pokies will undergo a transformative experience.

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