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Popular Aussie Bingo Calls

Bingo, the classic game of chance and excitement that has stood the test of time, has found a unique and vibrant home in Australia. With its simple yet captivating gameplay, bingo has captured the hearts of Australians of all ages. The thrill of waiting for that final number, the elation of shouting “Bingo!” and the camaraderie that blossoms among players as they mark their bingo cards make bingo an unforgettable experience. In this blog post, we delve into the world of amusing bingo calls in Australia, uncovering the cultural significance, humorous anecdotes, and the way they bring people together in this wonderful land.

Bingo CallsAustralian Bingo Calls Culture

Bingo’s history in Australia is a tale of laughter, community, and shared joy. Introduced to the country in the mid-20th century, bingo quickly became a beloved pastime. Local community centers, pubs, and clubs transformed into lively bingo venues, attracting players from all walks of life. Today, bingo continues to be a cherished tradition, where players gather to enjoy an evening filled with anticipation and camaraderie, marking their bingo cards with hopeful hearts.

A Glimpse into Amusing Bingo Calls – Aussie Humor

Some of the bingo calls are traditional and have been used for decades, while others are modern and reflect the current culture and trends. Some of them are specific to Australia, while others are common in other countries as well. Here are some of the most amusing bingo calls for each number from 1 to 50:

Call Number

Bingo Call


1 Kelly’s eye Refers to Ned Kelly, an Australian outlaw.
2 One little duck Rhymes with two, resembles a duck.
3 Cup of tea Rhymes with three, popular drink in Australia.
4 Knock at the door Rhymes with four, sounds like knocking.
5 Man alive Rhymes with five, expresses surprise.
6 Half a dozen Simple way to say six.
7 Lucky seven Based on the belief in seven’s luck.
8 Garden gate Rhymes with eight, resembles a gate.
9 Doctor’s orders Refers to number nine pill in WWII.
10 Tony’s den Refers to Tony Abbott, former prime minister.
11 Legs eleven Rhymes with eleven, looks like legs.
12 One dozen Simple way to say twelve.
13 Unlucky for some Based on superstition of thirteen.
14 Valentine’s Day Refers to February 14th, associated with love.
15 Young and keen Rhymes with fifteen, describes enthusiasm.
16 Sweet sixteen Refers to age sixteen, a milestone.
17 Dancing queen Refers to ABBA’s song “Dancing Queen.”
18 Coming of age Refers to legal adulthood at eighteen.
19 Goodbye teens Marks the end of teenage years.
20 One score Old-fashioned way to say twenty.
21 Royal salute Refers to a 21-gun salute for royalty.
22 Two little ducks Rhymes with twenty-two, resembles ducks.
23 The Lord is my shepherd Psalm 23, often recited at funerals.
24 Two dozen Simple way to say twenty-four.
25 Duck and dive Rhymes with twenty-five, means to avoid.
26 Pick and mix Rhymes with twenty-six, candy reference.
27 Gateway to heaven Rhymes with twenty-seven, afterlife.
28 In a state Rhymes with twenty-eight, in distress.
29 Rise and shine Rhymes with twenty-nine, wake up.
30 Dirty Gertie Rhymes with thirty, WWII song.
31 Get up and run Rhymes with thirty-one, hurry up.
32 Buckle my shoe Rhymes with thirty-two, nursery rhyme.
33 Dirty knee Rhymes with thirty-three, dirty knee.
34 Ask for more Rhymes with thirty-four, Oliver Twist.
35 Jump and jive Rhymes with thirty-five, dance.
36 Three dozen Simple way to say thirty-six.
37 More than eleven Rhymes with thirty-seven.
38 Christmas cake Rhymes with thirty-eight, cake.
39 Steps Refers to pop group Steps.
40 Life begins Refers to life starting at forty.
41 Time for fun Rhymes with forty-one, have fun.
42 Winnie the Pooh Rhymes with forty-two, character.
43 Down on your knees Rhymes with forty-three, beg.
44 Droopy drawers Rhymes with forty-four, pants.
45 Halfway there Refers to forty-five being half of ninety.
46 Up to tricks Rhymes with forty-six, mischief.
47 Four and seven Simple way to say forty-seven.
48 Four dozen Simple way to say forty-eight.
49 PC Refers to police constable.
50 It’s a bullseye! Refers to dartboard center.

Aussie Cultural Significance

These amusing bingo calls aren’t just a random assortment of phrases; they reflect the heart and soul of Australian culture. Australians are known for their laid-back nature and distinctive humor, which is evident in how these calls are crafted. The calls cleverly weave in local references, play with language, and evoke imagery that resonates with the Aussie way of life. They serve as a reminder that laughter and connection are universal languages that bridge gaps and bring people together, whether in a traditional bingo hall or in the realm of online bingo games.

Laughter, Luck, and Lifelong Bonds

Meet Margaret, a sprightly retiree who has been playing bingo for decades. She recalls a night when the call “Two Little Ducks, 22” led her to victory, accompanied by raucous laughter from her fellow players. Margaret fondly remembers how this call became her lucky charm, and the friendships she forged that night remain strong to this day, etched in the memories of those who filled their bingo cards with hope.

Then there’s Tim, a young professional who stumbled upon a bingo night at his local pub. Tim initially attended out of curiosity but immersed himself in the game’s infectious energy. The call “Wattle You Say, 8?” left him in splits, and he initiated a conversation with his neighbors, forming connections he never anticipated as they all marked their bingo cards.

Where Bingo Calls Create Connections

Bingo is more than just a game; it’s a social event that fosters connections and camaraderie. Amusing bingo calls play a pivotal role in creating a lively atmosphere where strangers become friends and laughter is the soundtrack of the evening. As players eagerly await the next call from the bingo caller, they exchange knowing glances, share anecdotes, and celebrate each other’s wins, creating a dynamic that transcends the physical and virtual realms of bingo.

Online Bingo – From Halls to Pixels

The digital age has seen bingo evolve from crowded halls to online platforms, allowing players to enjoy the game from the comfort of their homes. While the setting may have changed, the spirit of amusing bingo calls remains intact. Online bingo rooms adapt these calls for the virtual realm, ensuring that the laughter and connection flourish. Players across the country and beyond log in to their favorite online bingo games, marking their virtual bingo cards with the same anticipation and excitement that fill traditional bingo halls.

Celebrating Australia’s Bingo Tapestry

In the bingo world, Australia weaves a tapestry of laughter, camaraderie, and unique cultural expressions. The amusing bingo calls reverberating through community centers, pubs, and online platforms are more than just numbers; they are threads that bind players together, both on physical bingo cards and in the virtual landscape of online bingo games. With a nod to the past and a wink to the present, these calls remind us that the joy of bingo is universal no matter where we are. So, the next time you hear the call “Wobble and Shake, 68,” know that you’re not just marking a number—you’re adding to a legacy of shared laughter and cherished memories that make Australian bingo truly special, whether played with paper bingo cards or virtual ones.

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