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Real Money Riches at Casino Jax Lotto

Ready to transform your deposits into a cascade of excitement and wins at the ultimate online casino hotspot in Australia? Get ready for a front-row seat at Casino Jax Lotto, where the thrill is dialled up, and the rewards rain down with every deposit you make. Let’s dive into the heart of the action and unlock the door to a world where your every move is a step closer to real money triumphs and unforgettable online casino games!

How Casino Jax Lotto Works

For every deposit, you not only fuel your gaming excitement but also earn the chance to snag a share of the impressive $2000 prize pool. The cost of a lottery ticket is tied to the amount of your deposit, adding an extra layer of anticipation to your gaming experience.

Deposit AmountTicket PriceTickets Earned


Prize List

  • $400: 1 Winning Ticket
  • $350: 1 Winning Ticket
  • $200: 1 Winning Ticket
  • $150: 2 Winning Tickets
  • $100: 1 Winning Ticket
  • $75: 2 Winning Tickets
  • $50: 2 Winning Tickets
  • $30: 5 Winning Tickets
  • $20: 5 Winning Tickets
  • $15: 10 Winning Tickets

Casino Jax Lotto Terms And Conditions

The excitement begins as the lottery kicks off on the first day of each month at 00:01 (UTC), keeping the thrill alive until the last day of the month at 23:59 (UTC). This heart-pounding lottery is a perpetual joy, offering players the chance to win month after month.

For every 30 EUR/USD/AUD/CAD/NZD/USDT or its currency equivalent, depositing players earn 1 lottery ticket. Boost your odds with 2 tickets for every 50 currency units, 4 tickets for a 90-unit deposit, and a whopping 7 tickets for a 150-unit deposit. If you go beyond 150 units, each additional ticket costs a mere 20 currency units.

The prize pool stands at a tantalising 2000 EUR/USD/AUD/CAD/NZD/USDT or its equivalent in your chosen currency. Win big, but keep in mind the x5 wagering requirement on prizes, ensuring your gaming experience stays fair and thrilling. With a maximum withdrawal of 10 times the lottery prize amount, your wins are capped just right.

Fasten your seatbelt for swift rewards—prizes are credited automatically within 24 hours from the lottery’s end. Winning in a different currency? No worries—your prize will be in your preferred money.

Get ready to make your deposits count and amplify your gaming joy with Casino Jax Lotto!

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