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Is It Possible That Live Dealer Casinos Are Rigged?

Are you an Aussie player looking to elevate your online gambling experience? Live dealer casinos are the answer, offering the thrill of real time play with live real croupiers. But how do you ensure these games are fair and not manipulated by the casino? Let’s dive into the factors influencing the integrity of live casinos and how you can safeguard your gaming adventure.

Is It Possible That Live Dealer Casinos Are RiggedReal money live dealer casinos stand out by using authentic cards, dice, and play live roulette wheels governed by the laws of physics and randomness. Unlike computer-generated games, these live dealer casino games are immune to manipulation by software algorithms. However, fraud or human error remains a possibility. So, how can you be confident your gaming casino experience is genuine?

Here are some potential issues reported in the past:

  • Marked cards or magnets influencing cards or roulette balls
  • Sleight of hand or tricks manipulating cards or dice
  • Biased equipment favouring certain outcomes
  • Hidden cameras or earpieces for communication with accomplices
  • Pre-recorded or edited video streams deceiving players
  • Bots or shills posing as players to influence the game

While these concerns exist, reputable online casinos implement stringent security measures and independent audits to ensure fairness. Closely monitoring professional and trained real dealers, encryption technology ensures the security of player data and transactions.

Finding A Trustworthy Live Dealer Casino In Australia

Checklist ItemGuidance
Check the License and ReputationEnsure a reputable authority licenses the casino with a positive track record in payouts and complaint resolution.
Inspect Software and EquipmentEnsure the use of certified, high-quality software and equipment from renowned providers.
Review Player FeedbackSeek honest opinions from real players who’ve experienced the Australian live dealer casino. Avoid sites with excessive positive or negative reviews.
Evaluate Customer SupportConfirm the availability of 24/7 support through various channels like phone, email, chat, or social media.
Examine Terms and ConditionsRead the rules and policies regarding deposits, withdrawals, wagering requirements, and potential hidden fees.
Check Your Connection and DeviceEnsure a stable internet connection and compatible device for seamless live video streaming.

Live dealer casinos provide an immersive gaming experience but come with risks. By following these guidelines, you can minimise the chances of falling victim to scams or rigged games. Always play responsibly, within your limits, and most importantly, enjoy the game!

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